Be part of an historic Twitch event!

For 24 straight hours, our friends at Americas Cardroom will be giving away $50 every 5-15 minutes to viewers in a different channel. The Storm will continue to move from channel to channel making stops in both familiar and uncharted territory. Welcome to the Twitch Storm!

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To the lucky Storm winners

Thank you for taking part in an historic Twitch event! If you were a $50 winner from the Storm, follow below to claim your prize.

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Want new viewers for your stream? Join the Storm!

It’s once again time to introduce yourself to a huge new audience! Twitch Storm returns August 22nd and we’re bringing a ton of people with us. You’ll have 5 minutes to show off what you do, give away $50 to your viewers and then raid the next channel. We take care of the rest!

Please fill out the form below. If you’re accepted, you’ll be sent a link with further instructions.

What to win $50?
Come chase the Storm!

Rejoice, Storm Chasers! The Twitch Storm returns! Every 5-15 minutes, a new channel will be raided and you’ll have a chance to win $50. All you have to do is wait until the host starts the giveaway and type “ACR” into chat. A winner will be randomly selected before sending you on to the next stop. You’ll also get an opportunity to see the wide variety of content available today on Twitch. All you have to do is ride the Storm. 

It all begins at 9am Pacific on August 22nd! For giveaway official rules, click here.

We want YOU to be a part of history!

Gain exposure for your stream while giving away $50 to your viewers.

Apply and we’ll be in touch!

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