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Winners will be contacted via Discord DM or email with a code for verification purposes.  Fill out the form below accurately to minimize delays.

Payment will be processed as follows:

Expect payments within 60 business days of submission.

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Additional questions:

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Payments are to be made exclusively via PayPal.

Participation in this event ("participation") may be prohibited by law, or familial morals or values, for persons under a certain age and/or without lawful capacity in particular locales. Persons who do not meet the age requirement and/or who lack sufficient capacity may not participate in this event without duly authorized consent. There may be legal exposure and/or financial consequences for participation in this event. It is recommended that individuals consult qualified tax/financial planning experts and law/legal experts in their jurisdictions before participating in this event. In no case will the producers of this event accept liability for legal or financial consequences incurred upon a prospective or actual participant of this event.

( "Participation in the event will be assumed to be lawful on part of participants." )

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