August 31, 2018

End Game launches as premier gamer focused firm, connecting talent, community, brands and content

End Game launches as premier gamer focused firm, connecting talent, community, brands and content

SAN DIEGO – End Game Talent and Consulting, LLC, announced its start of operations. The firm provides influencer marketing solutions and campaigns, working with game developers to empower game community members through grassroots esports campaigns, and via a platform that connects brands with personalities, players and related content.

“End Game solves important challenges for influencers, the brands that serve the gaming community, and developers,” says Scott Ball, End Game CEO. “We give small-to-mid-size content creators ways to build their business by enhancing access to ideal sponsorships. For brands, we provide access to influencers that are legitimately passionate about their products and who are able to correctly promote them. For devs, our job is long-term support of game rollout with a focus on rallying players around titles in sustainable and mutually beneficial ways.”

End Game operates under the premise that the modern esports ecosystem is built on a backbone of community support. The agency is uniquely able and qualified to drive grassroots initiatives that empower game fans to build new esports communities from the ground up, rather than submitting to controlled ecosystems traditionally commercialized by game publishers.

“There’s no upfront costs for influencers, and our business model is merit-based, wholly dependent on us closing deals that work for all stakeholders,” says Ball. “We obligate ourselves to being audience centric, which suggests that everyone involved in a project is committed to collective goals, budgets and time constraints. We manage every campaign directly from start to finish to ensure influencers easily deliver ROI without burden, and sponsors and game makers don’t have any extra heavy lifting to do.”

End Game campaigns for developers are anticipated to have up to 250 influencers creating hours of content each week for between six and 24 months. The number of involved parties and duration of campaigns depend on the speed, magnitude and retention rates of community development. Programs management is tethered to key performance indicators, and campaigns may be scaled up or down as required.

Ball and his constituents are additionally set to help brands from outside the gaming industry: “For the right kind of non-endemic companies, we can help connect to millennials and younger generation,” says Ball. “We can help those kinds of brands with marketing campaigns that are meaningful to their prospective customers and to their business goals alike.”

End Game key executive include Ball, whose prior work includes roles with Evil Geniuses, Razer and Twitch. Mike Turner serves as strategic advisor, providing more than 20 years’ experience in the game industry, including roles with VR/LBE and in game development, publishing and partnerships. John Tran, Esq., serves as company general counsel, bringing more than 10 years of corporate entrepreneurial experience, and interest in progressive industries. Tran also holds a masters in Entertainment Law and Taxation.

Elijah Ball was on boarded as talent manager. His background includes six years in competitive gaming, and his recent distinctions include legends status in Fortnite for multiple seasons. Christian Martinez is End Game’s creative director whose prior experiences include AirBNB, the Atlanta Falcons, Excision and Major League Gaming.

End Games Talent and Consulting positions itself as the most diverse agency in the gaming and entertainment space with an ability to reach non-gaming communities. Deep and broad experience within and outside of the gaming industry and authentic connections to gaming generations provide unmatched reach and productivity.

The company’s mission is to realize the following interests:

  • Ensure that content creators earn the best and most stable income possible;
  • Enable game developers to build communities and long-term marketing campaigns;
  • Help developers to build esports programs with community support;
  • Position brands to achieve measurable goals and hit their KPIs;
  • Connect non-endemic partners with gamers in meaningful and authentic ways.

The company’s values include the following:

  • Operate with integrity and transparency, helping clients understand what they should be working towards and how to get there
  • Never charging influencers for existing revenue and only sharing in revenue opportunities directly attributable to the business’s delivery of value

For more information or to contact End Game, interested parties may email

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