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Our values

Communities matter and should be engaged in genuinely thoughtful ways.
Never silo, but honor healthy diversity and commonalities.
Content creators should make a livable wage.
Learning is an evergreen endeavor – always test assumptions.

Meet the team

Scott Ball


Evil Geniuses, Razer & Twitch are all companies Scott has called home in the past decade. Scott has sold and managed sponsorships and was a leader within the partnerships team at Twitch.

Alain Mazer

VP of Operations

Alain has a long history at the intersection of competitive athletics, music and gaming. His background includes change management roles at Acme Skateboards, United News & Media, Ocean Pacific Apparel (Op), Namco Bandai Games, Spy Optic and Razer. His tenure in gaming includes countless arcade hours in the ‘80s, successful escape from the Underground Empire of “Zork,” work on “The Warriors,” marketing “Tekken 6” and completing “Psychonauts” in under 200 hours. AFK, he is a husband and dad, musician, biker, micro-rancher and DIYer.

John Tran

General Council

John has over 10 years of legal experience in corporate and business transactions as an attorney and entrepreneur. In recent years, his knowledge and experiences has transferred into more progressive industries such as cryptocurrency and cannabis. John also holds a masters in Entertainment Law and Taxation.

Mike Turner


After two decades in the game industry, Mike has done it all. An expert in mobile and online, his history includes executive business development positions at Wargaming.net (Cyprus), iDreamSky (China) and SPYR (USA).

Jermaine Davis

Senior Programs Manager

Jermaine is a video game industry veteran with campaign experience at Sony, Razer, Trion Studios, Ghost Gaming and in the trenches of indy publishing. He is a lifelong advocate of gamers, skaters and music makers, always up for a good game or a great rolled taco.

Phil Hellmuth

Advisor & Investor

Fifteen time World Series of Poker Bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth isn’t just the worlds most successful poker player, he’s been a gaming enthusiast since the early Nintendo days. Phil brings a wealth of experience working with non endemic brands and has seen the poker industry grow from nothing to one of the largest sports entertainment, similar to the emergence of gaming right now.

Tricia McDonald

Director, People

Tricia is a progressive Human Resource professional with more than 10 years of experience within the gaming industry. She strives to find balance between the chaos of unstructured environments and the need for procedures to drive productivity. Tricia focuses on the people aspect of Human Resources to help employees realize their potential and feel valued within their organization.

Elijah Ball

Talent & Acquisitions Manager

Elijah has been involved in the competitive gaming ecosystem for nearly 6 years and has found himself earning legends status in Fortnite for multiple seasons. While being passionate about the competition Elijah also really enjoys watching a variety of content digitally and has a great understanding of how to speak to millennials and generation Z.

Kyle Duffy

Talent & Finance Manager

Kyle brings over two decades of casual and competitive FPS gaming experience and knowledge to End Game Talent. He has been an active community member of Counter-Strike since it’s inception. He has a background in finance and marketing and is excited to apply his skills to a company dedicated to bringing continued success and growth within the e-sports industry.

Allex Raines

Executive Assistant

Bringing over 6 years of experience in running a successful business, Allex comes to End Game with a keen understanding of people and an organized approach to realizing goals. Having volunteered extensively with high-school aged youths, she offers relevant insight and fresh perspective regarding the industry. As an Executive Assistant, she uses her highly developed interpersonal skills to optimize workflow for all the party people out there.

Hunter Keeter

Talent Coordinator

Hunter has been on the competitive side of gaming for 10+ years and has experience with many different genres of games. He’s found himself placing in the top 3% for a decent amount of Fortnite tournaments and has also competed as a top 500 player in Overwatch. He brings a strong knowledge of competitive gaming metas and strategies for success in most current competitive-based games.

Jacob Grace

Talent Coordinator

Jacob's knowledge in gaming, sports, and pop culture is vast. Competitively he finds himself in the top 2% of Call of a Duty Warzone players as well as achieving Grand Champion status in Rocket League. In addition to his competitive endeavors, he consumes content on various platforms concerning athletics, esports, and casual gaming. His ability to be detail oriented allows him to bring creative ideas and solutions to the e-sports industry.

Zach Daigle

Creative Director

Zach has been providing creative solutions within the gaming/esports industry for over eight years. He has both freelance and in house creative experience, working with esports leagues, organizations, pro players and content creators.

Some brands we’ve worked with…

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